Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers, hope it helps!

How long will it take to find me a cancellation?

Given the current situation with the pandemic, this is a fluid situation. Some people get a cancellation the same day, and some may take a week or more. The more open you are to tests (bigger range, more availability during the day) the quicker you will see cancellations. Rest assured, we will find you something.

Do I need to have an existing booking?

Yes – you need to have an existing booking to use our service. But it can be for any date or time or test centre – it just has to be a valid booking. You can let us know when signing up if you want us to find you one at a different test centre.Then we will finad you an earlier date in your preferred test centre.

How Does Our Services Work?

We find earlier practical driving and riding test dates for the car and motorcycle practical tests. We search the DVSA test database every few minutes looking for earlier test dates. As soon as we have found a test date and time that matches your preferences, we will notify you. You will then have approximately 12 minutes to decide whether to ask us to book the test for you or not.

How do you find early driving test dates?

Our system searches DVSA database for cancellations on regular basis, looking for early driving test dates. Once we find a test date, we will immediately notify you via text message. You will have approximately 15 minutes to reply in order to book the test. If you don’t like the test date that, simply ignore the notification and our system will continue searching.

What I Need To Do Before Using Our service?

All you need to do is book your practical test with the DVSA. You can do this by going to

I'm an ADI can I get discount for bulk orders??

Absolutely, We would love to have a chat and offer some discounted rates if you place bulk/regular orders. Simply, drop us an email to: with subject ‘ADI’

How Many Times Can I Change My Practical Driving test?

The DVSA allows you to change your practical test 10 times. After the tenth change you must cancel your test and make a new booking if you need to make more changes. This does not cost you anything as your original test fee will be refunded by the DVSA. Once you’ve booked your new test, come back here and setup a new set of preferences.

How to cancel my Practical driving test?

Yes you can cancel it, but you need to allow up to 3 clear working days (not including weekends or Bank Holidays) if you wish to receive a full refund from the DVSA. For example, if your practical test is on a Friday you would need to cancel your test by the previous Monday. You can cancel your test by going to

Does your fee include the test fee?

No, our fee covers the service we provide only. You must pay the test fee directly to the DVSA using your credit/debit card when you initially book your test.We will charge you only for our services.

How You Will Notify Me If there Is An Earlier test available?

As soon as we find a date and time that matches your preferences, we will send you Whatsapp and text notifications. If you like the date and time of the test, all you need to do is reply with ‘Book’ and we will book you that test.