How to Get An Earlier Driving Test Appointment

Unfortunately due to the Covid Lockdowns this has created 3 to 4 month waiting times for driving test appointments.

These are some of the ways you may be able to find an earlier driving test appointment:

Book a driving test at a test centre outside of Manchester

Some driving tests centres outside of Manchester can have driving test appointments that are only a few weeks wait away or significantly earlier than Manchester driving test centre waiting times.

In response to the long Manchester driving test waiting times, Manchester Driver Training launched its ‘out of area driving test service’.

This service aims to provide driving test cover for any driving test centre that can be travelled to and back within the same day.

To check for nationwide driving test appointments please see:

Check daily for driving test cancelations

When someone changes their individual driving test appointment this will then become available on the booking system for someone else to book.

There is nothing to stop you checking on a daily basis for any new driving test cancelations that may have come up for your designated driving test centre.

This process is free of charge when you use:

Use a Driving Test Cancelation Provider

Driving test cancelation provider ( specialise in finding their clients earlier driving test appointments.

This is an option for those who are happy to pay a small amount for an earlier driving test on top of the fee which they have already paid for their driving test.

We find hundreds of earlier driving test dates every day and when we find you a suitable driving test cancellation we will reserve it and notify you immediately. If it suits you, then reply by text or email within 15 minutes and we will book it for you. If it’s not what you are looking for there is no need to reply and we will continue searching until we find you a more suitable date.

Book a driving test as soon as you begin your driving lessons

If you book a driving test as soon as you begin your driving lessons you will already have a driving test appointment in place ready for when you reach the end of your driving lessons.

Normally you would book a driving test when you are part way through your course of driving lessons but due to the long waiting time for driving test appointments this may cause you to have to spend more money and time.

It is worth noting that you can’t book a driving test until your theory test is passed.

If you are considering hire a DRIVING TEST CANCELLATIONS service provider

Call us or Email Us to know more in detail.