A driving test cancellation is when a new test slot becomes available that was previously booked by a pupil. These cancellations occur when a pupil cancels or rearranges their driving test, this usually happens if the instructor is unavailable, the pupil is ill or the pupil is not ready to take their driving test.

In our Driving Test Cancellations process we search for practical driving tests every 60 seconds. We then notify you for the available tests by sending push notifications to you via call or Message or Email, and you can revert back us if it is suitable for you.

Step 1st:
A test cancellation becomes available when a pupil has had to rearrange their test date; usually due to not being ready to take their practical driving test.

Step 2nd
New earlier test dates can also become available. Test centres randomly release batches of new test dates due to more examiner availability and other reasons.

Step 3rd:
Whenever a pupil cancels their test or when a test centre releases new dates you can change your currently book test to any of these new dates.

Step 4th:
This is where our cancellation service comes in. We can notify & book you one of these earlier tests, all you have to do is tell us your preferred test centre and date & times.

How do I check for cancellations on my driving test in UK?

There are 2 ways to finding driving test cancellations for free.

  1. Login to the DVSA website ( using your driving licence number and booking reference or theory test number to access your booked driving test. Once you are logged in click the button called “change” next to your current test details. You will be redirected to a new page where you can view all test availability for your test centre. This approach is quite straight forward but requires manual checking of a website for days.
  • Visit our website ( to know about the most recent cancellations for your suitable test centre.


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