Early driving test

  • If you’ve never taken a driving test in your life, you will be able to know how to book early driving test. Book your driving permit test online if you are 16 years or over and haven’t passed your theory or practical driving test for your car, motorcycle, bus or tractor.
  • Book your driving test early and avoid on-the-day queues. That’s one of the many great benefits of using the DSA’s online booking service.
  • Even if you know what to do and have everything ready, booking your practical driving test can be a bit tricky. With our handy guide, you’ll know exactly what date and time to pick, what to bring, and where to go.
  • Make an appointment for your driving test with the DVSA website. You can book your driving test in a convenient location at a time that suits you and it only takes a few minutes to do so.
  • You can book your driving theory test anytime up to one month before you want to take your test. You can find handy hints on getting online to book your test and a list of locations where you can take it here on the government website.
  • If you are just 17, you can’t take your driving test in the UK. The early driving test is an alternative to the actual driving test, and it allows you to drive a car for the first time on your own and without supervision. You must have held a learner permit for at least nine months before you can apply.
  • It is just what it sounds like – a driving test taken to earn the privilege of driving earlier than the usual age. Drivers must meet the requirements to be eligible for this privilege, however. The Early driving test is the first step to qualify for a driver’s license, and an early driving test must be undertaken and passed before taking the full licensing test. 
  • The early driving test is the first formal driving assessment and necessitates your parent, or legal guardian accompany you at all times while driving and while taking this exam as well. 
  • The early driving test is available to those people also who meet all of the following conditions: have a total, permanent disability that means they cannot drive in regular traffic without particular adaptations or modifications to their vehicle, need adaptations or changes that make it unsafe to learn to drive in a standard training environment and are not eligible for any other driving assessment program.

Book Driving Test Earlier offers you flexibility

Book your driving test online at any time seven days a week. Your driving test can’t be booked in advance so it’s good to be prepared and know early enough when your turn will be.

With Book Driving Test Earlier, you can plan the best time to take your driving test. There are many free appointments slots per day. You can choose the day and time that makes it easiest for you to pass your test.