Cancellations driving test

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  • Have you scheduled a driving test and wondered if there was some way to cancel or reschedule? The answer is YES! Cancellations are very rare at DMV offices, but they do happen. Here are some tips on how you can cancel your driving test—if you know when you’re scheduled for your driving test, then you can use our search form to find out what other drivers have done. Let’s get started!
  • The cancellation driving test is a voluntary driving test carried out by the Traffic Commissioners, and in some cases, it’s carried out with DVSA.
  • A UK driving test or practical driving test is a compulsory test that must be passed to have full legal driving rights on the UK’s roads. The practical test is designed to ensure that those with the right attitude and ability can drive safely before doing so in the real world.

We help you with cancellations of driving tests.

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How are we different?

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