Apply For Driving Test Cancellation

You love to drive and practice more to get your driving license. But several problems come between you and your dream. 

Till now, most of the time spent waiting for your test date came from getting driving lessons, getting a driver’s license test car from your instructor, remembering where the DMV office is, sitting in a bit of room for hours hearing all sorts of boring stuff about rules and laws that you probably already know or care for. Also, if you miss the cancellation period, your money will be lost, and the whole process will start all over again. A waste of money! Don’t worry about all these. If you apply for driving test cancellation in time, all these won’t happen to you anymore!

If you are turning 18 and want to cancel your driving theory test, you can do so on the Gov. UK website. You should apply to cancel at least one week before any driving test.If you don’t pass your driving test, the DVLA may not let you drive unaccompanied. If you don’t want to wait for the next driving test cancellation period, you can apply for a revocation of your driving license. This will let you drive again as if you had never passed your test, and you’ll have to pay the standard fee and retake your theory test.

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Early booking of your driving test is now possible. With just a nominal fee, you can change your test registration without affecting your originally booked date and time.

Perhaps you failed your test due to an administrative error like failure to send in your medical fit certificate, and you need to apply for driving test cancellation by filling in the appropriate application form

Driving test cancellation for G1, G2, and M1 license holders is an application that can be made when extenuating circumstances prevent a driver from completing their practical road test.

You might apply for driving test cancellation if you have taken a driving test and failed the first time or if the driving examiner has told you that your application can’t be processed immediately and that you need to come back another day.

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If you cannot take your driving test, you can apply for a driving test cancellation. We provide an online service to do this, which is quick and painless, and you can get the details along with a video of how to do it on